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Лабораторные исследования керна: гид по лучшим практикам Макфи К., Рид Дж., Зубизаретта И. Лабораторные исследования керна: гид по лучшим практикам
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Интенсификация добычи нефти Махмудбеков Э. А., Вольнов А. И., Вольнов И. А. Интенсификация добычи нефти
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Soft shells

Soft shells
Raisa P. Kuzmina Серия Математика и механика ISBN 978-5-4344-0360-3 Издательство «ИКИ» 2016 г.
Переплет, 272 стр.
Формат 60*84 1/16
Вес  435 г


The book deals with the equilibrium of soft shells. The shells are of zero thickness and are not extensible. The deformation of the shells consists of bends and from contractions into folded zones. The theory is stated. Equilibrium problems are solved under the hydrostatic pressure of shells, having before the deformation the shape of a flat strip, a circular cylinder, a hemisphere, a spherical segment. The book is intended for applied mathematicians, specialists in the theory of shells.


Chapter 1. Theory of Soft Shells § 1. Physical Model of a Soft Shell § 2. Summary of Facts from the Geometry of Surfaces § 3. Soft Shell Deformation § 4. Equations of Soft Shell Equilibrium § 5. Mathematical Model of a Soft Shell § 6. Threads in Single-Axis Domain and Geodesic Lines § 7. Planar Problem of Equilibrium § 8. Axially Symmetric Problem of Equilibrium § 9. Soft Shell Equilibrium under Hydrostatic Pressure § 10. Conclusions of Chapter 1
Chapter 2. Planar Problem of Equilibrium § 11. Problem Statement § 12. Equations for Problem of Equilibrium § 13. Transition to Dimensionless Variables § 14. Equilibrium Modes with Single-Axis Domains § 15. Symmetry in Equilibrium Problem § 16. Transition to Transcendental Equations § 17. Equilibrium Modes of a Shell § 18. Number of Equilibrium Modes § 19. Example of Planar Problem of Equilibrium § 20. Examples of Equilibrium Modes with Fractures and Zones of Adhesion § 21. Conclusions of Chapter 2
Chapter 3. Equilibrium of Cylindrical Shell § 22. Problem Statement § 23. Equations for Problem of Equilibrium § 24. Transition to Dimensionless Variables § 25. Existence of Domains of Different Types § 26. Solution of Problem for § 27. Symmetry in Equilibrium Problem