From Mechanical to Biological Systems. An Integrated Approach

From Mechanical to Biological Systems. An Integrated Approach
Chernousko F.L., Borisov A.V., Kozlov V.V., Mamaev I.S. Серия Математика и механика ISBN 978-5-4344-0146-3 Издательство «ИКИ» 2013 г.
Переплет, 444 стр.
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This special issue consists of reviewed articles contributed by lecture presenters of the IUTAM Symposium ``From Mechanical to Biological Systems: an Integrated Approach'' held at the Udmurt State University, Izhevsk, Russia, from June 5 to June 10, 2012. The main goal of the Symposium was to promote an integrated approach to the understanding of the dynamical structures of mechanical artefacts, on the one hand, and living bodies, on the other hand. Areas of emphasis included the dynamics of ground-moving self-propelling mechanisms, aquatic locomotion, mechanical paradoxes and artefacts. A significant part of the presentations was devoted to dynamical systems which are of practical interest for robotics, especially for the area of mobile robots, including biologically inspired mobile robots.


An Amphibious Vibration-driven Microrobot with a Piezoelectric Actuator Felix Becker, Klaus Zimmermann, Tatiana Volkova, and Vladimir T. Minchenya
How to Control Chaplygin’s Sphere Using Rotors Alexey v. Borisov, Alexander A. Kilin, and Ivan S.Mamaev
How to Control the Chaplygin Ball Using Rotors. II Alexey v. Borisov, Alexander A. Kilin, and Ivan S.Mamaev
The Dynamics of Vortex Rings: Leapfrogging, Choreographies and the Stability Problem Alexey v. Borisov, Alexander A. Kilin, and Ivan S.Mamaev
Optimal Control of Vibrationally Excited Locomotion Systems Felix L. Chernousko, Nikolai N. Bolotnik and Tatiana Yu. Figurina
On the Optimal Shape of Magnetic Swimmers Hermes Gadˆelha
Steady-state Motions of an N-module Vibration-driven Locomotion System Hongbin Fang, Jian Xu
On the Dynamics of a Rigid Body with Moving Masses and a Rotor on a Rough Plane A. P. Ivanov, A.v. Sakharov
Stability of Underwater Periodic Locomotion Fangxu Jing and Eva Kanso
A deviation based discrete control algorithm for a mobile omnidirectional robot Yuri L. Karavaev, Sergey A.Trefilov
Dynamics and Self-Propulsion of a Spherical Body Shedding Coaxial Vortex Rings in an Ideal Fluid Phanindra Tallapragada and Scott David Kelly
On the Dynamic Markov-Dubins Problem: from Path Planning in Robotic and Biolocomotion to Computational Anatomy Alex Lґucio Castro and Jair Koiller
Quaternion Solution for the Rock’n’roller: Box Orbits, Loop Orbits and Recession Peter Lynch and Miguel D. Bustamante
On the motion of connected pendulums A. P. Markeev
Normal and Hemiparetic Walking Friedrich Pfeiffer and Eberhard KЁonig
Falling Motion of a Circular Cylinder Interacting Dynamically with a Point Vortex Sergei v. Sokolov and Sergei M.Ramodanov
Vortex Pairs and Dipoles Stefan G. Llewellyn Smith and Raymond J. Nagem
On the Dynamic Model and Motion Planning for a Spherical Rolling Robot Actuated by Orthogonal Internal Rotors Mikhail Svinin, Akihiro Morinaga, and Motoji Yamamoto
The Self-propulsion of a Body with Moving Internal Masses in a Viscous Fluid Evgeny v. Vetchanin, Ivan S. Mamaev, and Valentin A. Tenenev
The Mathematical Model of the Four-link Jumping Robot and Investigation of its Dynamic Characteristics S. F. Jatsun, K. A. Sapronov, L.Yu. Volkova