Beyond Conventional Seismic Imaging (OTE 1)

Beyond Conventional Seismic Imaging (OTE 1)
Evgeny Landa Серия Библиотека EAGE ISBN 978-90-73781-49-8 Издательство «EAGE Publications bv» 2007 г.
Обложка, 94 стр.
Формат 60*84 1/8
Вес  510 г


This book deals mostly with different aspects of time imaging, wavefield parameter estimation and velocity model building. Evgeny Landa introduces some new ideas of non-specular seismic imaging and imaging without using velocity or wavefield parameters.

In this book Landa briefly describes the CMP method and NMO moveout correction. He discusses several non-hyperbolic generalizations of the NMO correction and he introduces two new imaging methods which are not based on the CMP observation geometry. He also introduces imaging based on scattering wavefield rather than on specular reflections. A special chapter will describe a new methodology integrating imaging and prestack data re-datuming to simplify the observed wavefield. At the end of the book a new heuristic method for imaging without knowledge or estimation of velocity information will be described.


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 CMP-based imaging methods
2.1 Hyperbolic imaging
2.2 Shifted hyberbola
2.3 Non-hyperbolic moveout
2.4 Comparison of different CMP approximations

Chapter 3 Non-CMP oriented methods
3.1 Multifocusing method
3.2 Common Reflection of the MF/CRS
3.3 Implementation of the MF/CRS
3.4 MF versus CRS
3.5 Advantages of the MF and CRS methods
3.6 Real data examples
3.7 Conclusions

Chapter 4 Imaging of Diffractions
4.1 Diffraction
4.2 Velocity estimation by diffraction imaging
4.3 Conclusions

Chapter 5 Improved imaging based on recursive prestack datuming
5.1 Workflow
5.2 Examples
5.3 Conclusions

Chapter 6 Path-integral seismic imaging
6.1 Path-integral zero-offset approximation
6.2 Path-integral time migration
6.3 Conclusions