The ABCs of High Pressure Science

The ABCs of High Pressure Science
Sergei M Stishov Серия Физика ISBN 978-5-4344-0843-1 Издательство «Institute of computer sciences» 2019 г.
Обложка, 130 стр.
Формат 60*84 1/16
Вес  360 г


Written by the science supervisor of the Institute of High Pressure Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, the ABCs of High Pressure Science contains brief information explaining the terms and concepts adopted by professionals involved in research in the field of high pressure, be it physics, geology, chemistry, or technology. The book also includes brief biographical essays describing activities of the outstanding scientists who largely determined the current state of high pressure science. The book is organized in the form of short articles or notes in alphabetical order, so a search of the necessary information is not difficult. The ABCs is intended for young scientists, graduate students, and students; although well-established scientists also can find useful information here. Finally, the ABCs of high-pressure science is not a reference book and is designed to ensure that the reader can easily find the needed information in the Internet


A AIRAPT Akimotoite Amagat Amorphization at high pressure Amorphous carbon Andrews Anti-extrusion ring Argon Atmosphere Atomic bomb Autoclave Autofrettage
B Bar Belt Bernal Beryllium Bronze Birch Booster Borazon (BN) Boron (B) Boron nitride (BN Bourdon manometer Boyle Bridgman Bridgman Anvils, Lentils, Toroid Bridgman GoldMedal Bridgmanite
C Calibration Carbin Check valve Chemical transformations Coesite Compressor Compressor membranic Crater Critical Point Cylinder-piston Chao
D Daphne oil De Broglie’s thermal wavelength Dead weight pressure gauge Deformation Density Functional Theory (DFT) Deuterium (D2) Diamond Diamond anvils Diamond high-pressure scale Diamond superconducting Dilatometer Drickamer Dynamic pressure
E Earth’s Core Earth’s Mantle Elasticity Electrical leads Elements of high-pressure installations Equation of state European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG)
F Finite elements method Fluorinert Friction
G Gas charging diamond anvils Gasket Gigapascal Girdle Gordon Conferences on High Pressure Graphene Graphite
H Hall Hard alloys Heat treatment Helium High-pressure enclosure High-pressure installation (hydrostatic) High-pressure installation (solid medium transmitting pressure High-pressure tubing Hugoniot Hydrides Hydrogen Hysteresis Hydrothermal process
I Ice bomb Indium Inert gases and their compounds Intensifier Iron Iron oxide Fe2O3 Isostructural phase transitions Isotopic Effects Institute for High Pressure Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (HPPI)
J Jamieson Jamieson Award
K Kennedy
L Lasers and Dynamic Pressure Lentil Liquid crystals Liquid media transmitting pressure Lithographic stone Lonsdaleite Low Temperature Technique
M MgO — high-pressure scale Maximum on the melting curve Manganin Manganin gauge Marriott Mushroom seal Measurement of high pressures Measurement of physical quantities at high pressures Melting Membrane diamond cell Mica Molecular dynamics Monte-Carlo method Multi-anvil installations
N Nanodiamonds Nitrogen
O O-ring Obturator Olivine Olivine-spinel transition
P Paronite Perovskite Phase diagram Phase transitions Piezometer Pyrophyllite Piston Press hydraulic Pressure — definition and units Pressure in Nature Pump
Q Quantum critical point Quantum phase transitions Quartz Quenching
R Receiver Rhenium Ringwood Ringwoodite Ruby gauge
S Salt (NaCl) Safety Seal Separator Silica Silver chloride (AgCl) Steel and Alloys Stishovite Strength Strength calculations of the elements of high-pressure devices Structural phase transitions Support of pressure vessels
T Talc Teflon Temperature Control Temperature measurement Texture Toroid Tricritical point
V Valve Van derWaals Van Valkenburg prize Viscosity Von Platen
W Water White dwarfs Windows optical Windows for hard radiation